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We offer bulletins in industry standard sizes (14’x48’) and (10’6”x40’) as well as various other sizes. These boards are located along interstate highways and primary roads. The majority of our inventory consists of these bulletins.



Posters are smaller boards and in the past had always been pasted on. Our posters utilize a new cable system that allows advertisers to use a new recyclable material instead of paper which lasts longer, is more eco-friendly, and costs about the same. These boards are great for shorter campaigns and driving local business.



Digital billboards helped bring the outdoor industry into the 21st century. We were the first company in central Indiana to have one of these billboards, and we currently have 4 of these state-of-the-art billboards. These allow advertisers increased flexibility with their messaging as we allow unlimited, free creative changes.



Tri-vision billboards were in some ways a precursor to digital billboards. These signs have 3 users and rotate every 8 seconds. This rotation can help catch people's attention and make your ad stand out amongst the crowd.


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