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Over 975 Billboard Faces In Indiana

JR Promotions was started by Janeen Sprague in July of 1986. At the time she owned a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that relied on interstate billboards. With the billboard market dominated by a few large, national companies, Janeen saw an opportunity to establish an outdoor advertising company with the goal of helping each customer succeed by offering high-quality, affordable signs. For her, the billboards proved to be a great tool to significantly grow business at her restaurant.

In the spring of 1988, Richard Sprague joined the company and focused on our growth and development. Our objective was to provide high quality, competitively priced billboards to businesses by capitalizing on the interstate and highway systems of Indiana, and this remains our objective to this day. During the early years of the company, our main method of growth was through development of new sites.

In 2001, we became JR Promotions LLC and began to grow much more aggressively through land lease development and acquisitions of smaller sign companies. As a result of this expansion, we grew to over 500 billboard faces in Indiana.

In 2007, we made state headlines when we installed the first interstate 14'×48' digital billboard display in Indiana. This sign is located on I-65 near Edinburgh Premium Outlets at the Columbus/Edinburgh interchange. We currently have 5 of these digital billboards on I-65 between Indianapolis and Clarksville along with 2 more in Muncie. We are continuing to look for new opportunities to build and expand our digital network throughout the state.

Over the past few years we have seen steady growth through building new sites along I-69 in southern Indiana and the addition of existing faces in New Castle, Rushville and Scottsburg. With over 100 faces added in 2014 and over 35 in 2015 we are one of the few companies continuing to expand our inventory to help reach new customers.

Even with all of our expansion we have been able to stay true to our goal of providing affordable outdoor advertising and doing everything we can to help each customer grow their business. All of our employees take great pride in providing top quality billboard locations, dazzling artwork, and most importantly, excellent customer service so that we can help every customer succeed.

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